John Malanchuk (President/Owner)

John is a Gainesville native and UF alumnus. John’s specialty is product selection and paint coating systems. This offers our clients superior residential and commercial paint and coating specifications, as well as above-category warranty history. John actively encourages apprenticeship programs in the trades and works closely with other owners in the PDCA (our industry standards agency) to raise standards across the board. He helps run the Gainesville Soccer League and has been an advocate for local parks funding and upgrades. John enjoys the Florida outdoors. John is an EPA-certified Lead Renovator.


Randall McLelland (Field Supervisor)

Randall hails from Australia. He was instrumental in seeing the completion of our UF Reitz Student Union project but is also capable at handling the details of residential and specialty commercial painting. Carpenters are in short supply in North Central Florida, and Randall expertly puts us and our clients in touch with quality craftspeople in this trade and others. Randall is an EPA-certified Lead Renovator.




James Thompson (Projects Manager)

James brings a painter’s eyes to our estimating, project management, and contract environment. His uncle George taught him the painting trade when he was 12 years old. James enjoys working with our commercial contractors on historically and culturally significant projects, both in the office and in the field. As a supporting rider, he helped the University of Florida Cycling Team earn multiple Southeast Conference Championships in the late 1990s. He enjoys marathon-distance cross country solo runs. James is an EPA-certified Lead Renovator.


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