You might already know that painting and washing are the best way to Refresh & Revitalize your space so that your audience can focus on what matters!

…Unfortunately, this is where the problems usually start: 

• How do you find the right contractor to help?

•Will they even respond so you can move your project along?

• What if they create more messes that you’ll have to clean up?

• Are horror stories and bad experiences echoing in your head while you’re seeking out the right kind of help?

NEPR is here to raise the bar!

Introducing Your Contractor Concierge

• Our "Concierge" level services for university clients deliver!

• NEPR provides outstanding painting, repair, and waterproofing services for university customers.

• From individual classrooms to full dormitories, NEPR, LLC is the preferred contractor for your repair and beautification needs!

Extreme Ownership

Your wins are our wins, and your concerns are our chief priorities.

Seamless Communication

From estimate to ribbon-cutting, we'll stay in touch with progress updates so you always know where things stand.

White-Glove Client Experience

This contractor knows how to deliver on a hospitality-grade experience that guarantees your satisfaction

Concierge Level Care

Our "Concierge" Level Care means we anticipate your needs, so you can focus on what matters most:

✓ No micromanaging

✓ No chasing information

✓ No worries