At Natural Elements Painting + Repair, our customers come first.

Here’s what they have to say:

Our Purpose

Natural Elements Painting & Repair, LLC specializes in wood repair, painting, and waterproofing in the North Central Florida area.

With over 16 years of experience, our team of industry professionals has secured a sterling reputation in delivering high quality products and outstanding customer service.

Our Values

• Service:

We strive to be a “trusted advisor” for clients. We problem solve and provide quality solutions for their needs. We serve our customers, vendors, and our employees.

• Respect:

We treat each other the way that we wish to be treated. We do not tolerate racist, sexist, or other hateful speech or actions.

• Embrace Learning:

Our team strives to learn, grow, and improve. We read, review materials, practice, learn from experience, and from each other. Each person is committed to lifelong learning in NEPR. You must be dedicated to learning to be a part of NEPR.

• Extreme Ownership:

Each of us owns the work that we do. We apply the principles of Extreme Ownership to our work culture. Each full time employee must read, understand, and apply the principles of Extreme Ownership. We take responsibility for our mistakes, support our team, and we’re transparent and honest with each other.

• Health:

This is our top individual employee priority. Mental, physical, and other forms of health are critical to succeed in your life. We check-in on our employees’ health, provide learning opportunities to improve outcomes, and genuinely care about each of our staff.

**We are not currently hiring for admin staff positions. If you align with our core values above and are interested in working in the field, then please send your resume to



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